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Service Validations

Cirrusgo is a full-service provider of cloud-based IT solutions and proudly holds the distinction of being the very first AWS Advanced consulting partner headquartered in Jordan. This means that our company is one of the few selected outside business consulting and IT companies that AWS has approved as a trusted provider.

The cirrusgo team consists of certified engineers and experts with over 30 AWS associate, specialty, and professional certifications. They are fully equipped to assist you in your cloud adoption and modernization journey.

Delivered Services and Competencies

AWS Cloud Operations 

Cloud Operations 

Cirrusgo will help you manage your cloud environment operations by leveraging AWS and third-party services for monitoring and observability...read more

Well-Architected Partner Program

Well-Architected Review

Cirrusgo offers a well-architected review service, as the health and efficiency of your application are crucial for successfully...read more​​​ 

AWS Government Practices

Government Practices

Governments operate in a complex and special landscape, requiring specialized knowledge and experience to navigate effectively... read more​​

AWS Containerization Practices

Containerization Practices

Cirrusgo utilizes  Amazon Elastic container service (ECS) for streamlined application testing and deployment, enhancing agility and cost-effectiveness. We manage container complexities, ensuring seamless operations and scalability.....read more

Amazon EC2 for Windows 

Amazon EC2 for Windows

Amazon EC2 for Windows empowers businesses with unmatched efficiency, cost savings, reliability & global reach. No more traditional IT constraints, embrace scalability and innovation.. read more

AWS Cloud Security

Cloud Migration

Cirrusgo provides a fully-managed continuous integration and delivery service that helps developers build, test and deploy applications on AWS. Transform your business and simplify your migration workflow...Read More

AWS Relational Database

Relational Database

Cirrusgo solution architects consider using Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) managed relational databases for SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MariaDB. if the application requires an exceptional and very high performance relational database based on MySQL or PostgreSQL, we consider designing and deploying Amazon Aurora.

End User Computing

Cirrusgo will help you manage access to your Workspaces by adopting Amazon End user computing solutions. Run your compute intensive Applications, manage remote workforce, remote students & labs, and contract staff, using Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 that optimize cost, Increase agility & flexibility, reliability & continuity, and security & control. 

AWS Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Security is a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer. cirrusgo uses Amazon provided services to secure your data in the cloud. In order to secure your application, and encrypt your data in transit and at rest, our solution architects frequently consider using AWS WAF, AWS Certificate Manager (ACM), and AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) to achieve that.

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