Electronic referral system on AWS

Jordan Paramedic Society
August 13, 2022 by
Electronic referral system on AWS
Khalid Waleed

About JPS

The Jordan Paramedic Society is a non-governmental, non-profit professional organization that is governed by a board of directors comprised of 10 representatives from all segments of the EMS community, as well as the public who are committed to public protection and quality patient care.

JPS is the national voice of emergency medical services (EMS) which supports EMS practitioners in providing high quality health care to patients. JPS innovated an Electronic referral system, and call it e-rs to help more than 600K Refugees in all Jordan campus.


ERS system availability and data durability were the main concern for JPS, and they were looking for a cost-effective solution to assure delivering the service without interruption, keeps the patients data durable and secure. 

The Solution 

cirrusgo designed and deployed the architecture on AWS cloud with high availability and security best practices. Staring with deploying a VPC with public and private subnets across multiple availability zones. 

The application is deployed on multiple EC2 instances in multiple availability zones within the Region in order to ensure high availability and fault-tolerance, in an autoscaling group (ASG) to automatically scale up/down during demand spikes to maintain performance. And all are behind an Application load balancer (ALB) to efficiently distribute traffic among all machines. The database is deployed on Amazon RDS of Microsoft SQL with Multi-AZ for high availability on designated Subnets. 

Amazon S3 where used to provide durable object-based storage for patients data with server side encryption for data security and cross-region replication for more durability, along with VPC Endpoint Gateway for secure and highly performed communication. 

We used web application firewall using AWS managed policies, CloudTrail to monitor the AWS API actions and activities, and Amazon CloudWatch monitoring dashboard to proactively alert and manage the resources on the cloud.

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is used to manage the system running on the environment, using Patch manager, session manager, and many others.

A DR site with a challenging RTP and RTO values, were configured in another region with Route53 failover policy to make the platform available all the time, in case any service interruption on the main region level happens.