Modernizing Media World - Jawwal Project

Leveraging AWS Innovation for Scalability, Efficiency, and Security in Media Services
July 2, 2024 by
Rama Odetallah

Media World partnered with cirrusgo to modernize their VAS platform for Jawwal on AWS, addressing challenges of scalability, automation, and security. By containerizing applications with Docker and deploying on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), cirrusgo helped achieve seamless deployment and scalability, ensuring efficient serverless infrastructure and robust database performance. Enhanced security measures like AWS GuardDuty and VPN connectivity fortified their environment. This transformation optimized operations and enabled Media World to deliver enhanced digital media services with increased agility and reliability.  

About Media World

 Media World offers a diverse portfolio of content, including Gaming, Music, Video, RBT, media, and video on demand (V.O.D). They provide merchants access to mobile operators, enabling the marketing and sale of third-party apps and services to subscribers. Unlike traditional online purchases or app store transactions, Media World's offerings allow consumers to bundle value-added services such as games, music/video streaming, and anti-virus software.


The Media World VAS platform for Jawwal was originally deployed in traditional virtual machines (VMs) with a monolithic architecture. This setup presented several issues:

  Tight Coupling: The monolithic architecture made updates and scaling difficult.

  Low Availability and Scalability: The platform struggled to handle traffic spikes,                   leading to performance issues and potential downtime.

  Lack of Automation: Updates were manually deployed, increasing the risk of errors             and slowing response times to market demands.​

The Solution

Cirrusgo undertook the task of modernizing Media World's workload on AWS, leveraging the platform's strengths. The transformation involved several key steps:


Dockerization: All application components were containerized, ensuring consistent deployment across environments.

Deployment on AWS ECS: Dockerized components were deployed on Amazon ECS, facilitating automated and reliable deployments with AWS CI/CD services like CodeBuild and CodePipeline.

Serverless Infrastructure 

AWS Fargate: Managed container orchestration with AWS Fargate eliminated infrastructure management, reducing operational overhead.

Aurora for Database: Amazon Aurora provided scalable, high-availability, and performant database solutions. 

Enhanced Security

Secure Communication: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) between Media World and Jawwal ensured encrypted communications.

AWS Security Services:  AWS GuardDuty, AWS WAF, and AWS Inspector enhanced the security posture with proactive monitoring, automated compliance checks, and intrusion detection.


Portability and Flexibility
 Dockerizing workload components made migration and environment transitions seamless, with the ability to launch in any AWS account using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools.
Automated CI/CD Pipeline
The introduction of CI/CD pipelines automated the release and rollback processes, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. 
Enhanced Security
Utilizing AWS security services fortified security at all layers, ensuring robust protection against threats.
Scalability and Reliability
AWS services provided a scalable and reliable infrastructure, enabling seamless business expansion and efficient application management.

By partnering with cirrusgo, Media World successfully transformed their VAS platform for Jawwal, addressing critical challenges and achieving significant improvements in efficiency, scalability, security, and reliability. This modernization not only ensured the success of the current project but also laid the groundwork for future innovation and enhanced customer experiences. The strategic use of AWS services facilitated a seamless transition, allowing Media World to focus on their core business objectives and deliver superior value to their customers. 

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